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NBK Tower Kuwait

NBK Tower, Kuwait

NBK Tower, Kuwait

Multi-Media Greywater recycling system

NBK Tower Grey Water Recycling – NBK Tower, Kuwait

Located on a prominent site in Kuwait City, the 300-metre-high headquarters tower for the National Bank of Kuwait will have a distinctive presence among the high-rise buildings of Sharq, the city’s growing financial district. The design combines structural innovation with a highly efficient passive form, shielding the offices from the extremes of Kuwait’s climate, where temperatures average 40 degrees in the summer months.

The form of the tower is equally driven by the needs of the bank. The spatial arrangement is tailored to the Bank’s organisational structure, while providing the flexibility to anticipate and respond to future change and growth. The crescent form maximises cellular office space at the perimeter, and the tower’s sixty floors are punctuated by three double-height sky lobbies, which provide a social focus and meeting facilities for staff. These communal areas are complemented by the chairman’s club with panoramic city views in the dramatic 18-metre-high volume at the tower’s apex. 

Aquaco supplied and supervised the install and commissioning of a multi-media grey water system, capable of processing 120,000 litres per day in 2017. The grey water is used for WC flushing demands for office workers within the building.

NBK Tower in Kuwait is the second tallest building in Kuwait is one of the most distinctive buildings in the region with its unique design, and its height of 300m means it can be veasily identified. 


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