62 Buckingham Gate, London

Buckingham Gate Rainwater Harvesting – Aquaco Water Recycling

Adjacent to Victoria Railway station the development at 62 Buckingham Gate includes both a rainwater harvesting system and a rainwater attenuation system, supplied by Aquaco.

The rainwater harvesting system has a capacity of 20,000 litres, whilst the rainwater attenuation system, which incorporates a flow control mechanism designed to limit the discharge rate to mains drainage, has an additional storage capacity of 150,000 litres. Both systems were supplied and commissioned in 2013.

The Estimated ROI for this project is 3-5 years, the additional benefits to delivering projects with Water Recycling is in relation to BREEAM and LEED and the certification benefits for planning permission applications

Commercial Applications

Rainwater Harvesting involves the collection of water from surfaces on to which rain falls and subsequently storing this water for later use.

Aquaco rainwater harvesting systems have been installed in offices, warehouses, retail centres and hotels. Any commercial project should include an Aquaco rainwater harvesting or greywater system.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Aquaco rainwater harvesting systems collect rainwater from roofs and/or hard standings to re-use for toilet flushing, laundry and irrigation.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems are designed, supplied and, if required, installed by Aquaco.

Aquaco offers the lowest cost rainwater harvesting systems available. They can be gravity fed or pressurised to directly serve the appliances as required.

An Aquaco commercial rainwater harvesting system will gain essential Breeam points towards planning permission.

The Aquaco rainwater harvesting system is a high value, low cost system rarely beaten on price.

The system can reduce water usage by up to 80% leading to a direct cost saving on water bills. On average the system pays for itself over a 3-5 year period through cost savings on water usage.

The Aquaco Rainwater Harvesting System also cuts down on carbon emissions by saving the power used in fresh water processing, therefore benefiting the environment.

To reflect the strong Government focus in the area of conservation, the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme has been implemented. Under the scheme qualifying investment is 100% allowable against Corporation Tax in the first year thus improving cash flow. The Aquaco Rainwater Harvesting System qualifies for the ECA scheme.

The size of the rainwater harvesting system will depend on where your project will be, the roof area, number of occupants and the uses of water. Aquaco will size and design your system and supply all your requirements.

What are the benefits of commercial rainwater harvesting?

  • Reduced mains water consumption and costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Cost effective Breeam points
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme available
  • Typical payback 3/5 years
  • Continuity of water supply for irrigation
  • Reduced storm water to drain/flooding

As the rules on Breeam points and tax allowances change, Aquaco cannot advise and it is for the customer to verify the present rules as they affect the project concerned.

About Buckingham Gate

Located on the north side of Victoria Street, the space was previously occupied by a 1960s office building. Our redevelopment transformed it into a mixed-use property that combines premium office, retail and leisure space. It was an important part of our masterplan that has turned Victoria into an exciting destination in which to work, live or relax.

It was one of the first developments outside London’s traditional financial centre to deliver features such as standby generators on all floors. When you’re undertaking high-value trades and other critical communications 24 hours a day, system failure is not an option. Ensuring such resilience was crucial to secure financial companies like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  and Mediobanca as customers.

It’s more than just resilience, though. The state-of-the-art systems we’ve installed mean there is 60% more single-use, clean conditioned air than the recommended levels for similar workplaces. It keeps minds alert, people healthier and office conditions at the standard you’d expect from Landsec; regardless of how our customers choose to use the space.

Our flexible floor plates enable businesses to customise the spaces in unexpected ways. For example, Chime Communications have installed a Formula 1 car on the 3rd floor.

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