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Combined Recycling Systems

Combined systems blend the constantly available greywater with the intermittently available rainwater from roofs. The combined system is perfect for buildings with high non-residential occupancy i.e. offices. The greywater, which is always available can make up 40-50% of the office flushing demand, and the rainwater collection will make up the difference.

This is because the volume of water from WHB’s and showers in an office cannot meet fully the demand for WC flushing, and neither can the rainwater due to the smaller roof areas on modern high-rise buildings. Combining supplies is the perfect solution.

Our systems are all manufactured in the UK, at our premises in Kent, ensuring the carbon footprint of the Aquaco MBR greywater system is kept as low as possible. Our in-house research and development team ensures that our technology is always at the forefront of the industry, driving quality, efficiency, and functionality.

“The combined system is perfect for buildings with high non-residential occupancy”

System Philosophy

Combined systems are literally one of our MBR greywater recycling systems with a secondary storage tank and leaf filter for collecting rainwater. the system will run on grey water primarily, then, once the grey water supply has been exhausted the treated grey water tank (clearwater tank) will be topped up from the rainwater tank giving a secondary recycled supply to the point of use. 

In the event that there is neither grey water or rainwater available, the system will top up with mains water giving a complete continuity of supply.


Combined systems have many financial and environmental benefits, as well as providing key points towards BREEAM awards, and assisting in planning approval. Some of the key benefits are listed below: