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Become an Export Distributor

"Becoming a distributor for Aquaco is a unique opportunity to be part of the water recycling revolution" - Will Shearer (Head of Engineering)

Why choose us?

With over a decade in the still growing, and young industry, Aquaco is one of the longest-serving companies in water recycling. Specializing in the manufacture, supply and installation of water recycling in the UK, we are actively seeking international distributors to take our products to new markets.

We have one of the most energy-efficient, low-footprint products in the world, and an already growing international presence with flagship projects such as the National Bank of Kuwait HQ (Kuwait), Intercontinental Hotel (Jordan) and Raya Plaza (Egypt). As well as some of the biggest projects in the UK; Google HQ (London), Amazon HQ (London).

By becoming an export distributor you will have direct access to our design tools, specification authoring tools and the full backing and assistance from our team of expert engineers.