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Aquaco Home Combined

From £4,490 +VAT

The Aquaco Home Combined system incorporates both the Aquaco Home Rainwater and the Aquaco Home Grey Water systems, maximising your water saving potential!

It includes our Aquaco Home Grey water system which is designed to collect discharge from wash-hand basins, showers, and baths for reuse in WC flushing.

It also includes our Aquaco Home Rainwater system which Rainwater Harvesting involves collecting, filtering, and storing rainwater from roofs for toilet flushing, laundry, and irrigation.

Installation & Maintenance

Each system is installed separately but at the same time. Both systems have been designed to be easy to install and maintain. The installation can be completed by a local plumber or a competent DIY enthusiast. A comprehensive Operation & Maintenance Manual can be downloaded for each system below, or you can ask one of the team. We offer technical support over the phone during office hours. 




Let us select your perfect system

Our domestic sizing calculator will work out the best solution for you, based on your occupancy, available water, and usage. All calculations are done using BS8525:2001 Part 1 the sized system will be British Standard compliant.