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Aquaco Home MBR - Grey Water System

From £3,995 + VAT

The Aquaco Home MBR is our domestic grey water recycling system. Designed to collect discharge from hand-wash basins, showers, and baths for reuse in WC flushing. 

The home MBR is a miniturised version of our globally successfull commercial MBR range which is installed in some of the largest building in the world. 

Recycling grey water has many benefits ranging from the obvious reduction in water use, all the way to the more hidden benefits, for example, achieving planning approval.

Recycling your own grey water means you are reducing the amount of potable water required in your household. In turn, this reduces the load on public water treatment plants. With continued urbanisation and ongoing housing shortages, this is a long-term problem that as a society we need to act upon. If we all make small changes, we can help save the planet’s most precious resource.

Grey Water System Process

Grey Water is collected from the wash hand basins, showers, and baths. This discharge is required to be kept separate from the other household foul water discharge.

Grey water is subsequently directed to the main tank, where it passes through a coarse pre-filter built-in. Inside the tank is the UF membrane which is used to process the grey water. Aeration is provided to remove smells and break down any surfactants. The treated water is then pumped via the built-in submersible pump through a final stage polshing carbon filter. 

Installation + Maintenance

The Aquaco Home MBR grey water recycling system that has been designed to be simple to maintain, install, and subseuently maintain.

Installation can be completed by an experienced DIY enthusiast or local plumber. The system can be installed in most retrofit situations; Therefore, water recycling is especially recommended for new-builds and major renovation/refurbishment projects.

Full installation instructions and on-demand advice is available from Aquaco throughout the installation process.

Unlike other grey water systems available on the market, the Aquaco Home’s maintenance schedule is not only simple, but cost effective too.

Every few months the main tank simply needs a drain down and clean (all maitnenance attachements included) and every 3-6 months the carbon filter cartridge will need replacing. The UF mambrane lifecycle is 8 years, but we have seen them last a whole lot longer! 

All replacement parts and maintenance consumables are available off the shelf from Aquaco at a minimal cost and can be purchased through our online shop and delivered regularly straight to your door.