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Aquaco Home Grey Water

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The Aquaco Home Grey Water is our domestic grey water recycling system. Designed to collect discharge from hand-wash basins, showers, and baths for reuse in WC flushing. 

Recycling grey water has many benefits ranging from the obvious reduction in water use, all the way to the more hidden benefits, for example, achieving planning approval.

Recycling your own grey water means you are reducing the amount of potable water required in your household. In turn, this reduces the load on public water treatment plants. With continued urbanisation and ongoing housing shortages, this is a long-term problem that as a society we need to act upon. If we all make small changes, we can help save the planet’s most precious resource.

Grey Water System Process

The Grey water system comes in two variations.

  • Direct; underground tank. The mains water backup enters the underground tank. Water is pumped directly to the point of use. A control board is installed in a frost-protected area.
  • Indirect; underground tank. stored water is treated and pumped to a header tank for gravity feeding the WC. The mains water backup is in the header tank.

Grey Water is collected from the wash hand basins, showers, and baths. This discharge is required to be kept separate from the other household foul water discharge.

Grey water is subsequently directed to the underground chamber, where it passes through a coarse pre-filter built-in to the greywater home underground tank. Inside the underground tank the water is first of all circulated and secondly disinfected with Bromine tablets. It is then pumped via the built-in submersible pump.

If it is an in-direct system, the water will be pumped to the header tank*, after which the water will pass through an activated carbon cartridge filter. This filter removes particulates and excess Bromine from the disinfection process, as well as removing odours from the water.

*The header tank contains an automatic, mechanical mains water back-up system. This is especially important in the event of a power failure, or subsequent equipment failure the system will continue to feed the WC’s with mains water. The greywater home mains top-up system contains a WRAS compliant category 5 type AB airgap to ensure the prevention of cross-contamination with the potable supply.

Installation + Maintenance

The Aquaco Home Basic residential grey water recycling system that has been designed to be simple to maintain, install, and subseuently maintain.

Installation can be completed by an experienced DIY enthusiast or local plumber. The system can be installed in most retrofit situations; Therefore, water recycling is especially recommended for new-builds and major renovation/refurbishment projects.

Full installation instructions and on-demand advice is available from Aquaco throughout the installation process.

Unlike other grey water systems available on the market, the Aquaco Home’s maintenance schedule is not only simple, but cost effective too.

Every few months the underground requires 2-3 Bromine tablets, and every 3-6 months the carbon filter cartridge will need replacing. Both items are available off the shelf from Aquaco at a minimal cost and can be purchased through our online shop and delivered regularly straight to your door. Usually, every few years the underground tank will require cleaning and rinsing, this can be done simply with a hose.

Let us select your perfect system

Our domestic sizing calculator will work out the best solution for your residential grey water recycling system, based on your occupancy, available water, and usage. All calculations are done using BS8525:2001 Part 1 the sized system will be British Standard compliant.

The calculator will take you directly to our shop on the selected product, where you can download all the documents for our products.