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Domestic Water Recycling

Domestic Rainwater


Aquaco are world leaders in the design, development, and manufacture of residential and commercial grey and rainwater recycling systems, with over 15 years of experience in the market. We were the first company in the UK to offer a cost-effective greywater recycling solution. We have continued that legacy, offering the home builder and homeowner the most cost-effective, high-quality water recycling solutions on the market for the home. All of Aquaco Domestic Systems are subsequently designed and specified following BS8525 and BS8595 standards.

“Offering the home builder and homeowner the most cost-effective, high-quality residential rainwater recycling solutions on the market”

Residential rainwater recycling

Domestic Rainwater Recycling in the Home

Domestic Rainwater Recycling and Harvesting involves collecting, filtering, and storing rainwater from roofs for toilet flushing, laundry, and irrigation.

By installing an Aquaco residential rainwater recycling system to your home, all recycled water collected can be used in toilets, laundry and irrigation, reducing the environmental impact of your home.

One of our systems could reduce your water bill by up to 50%*

The Aquaco Home residential rainwater recycling direct and indirect system comes in a range of sizes, the best way to determine which system will meet your requirements best is by clicking on the system sizing calculator on the right. We determine the system size based on the British Standard recommendation.

The direct system supplies water at pressure to the source you require for example external garden tap or washing machine.

* Based on an average water-conscious household that showers instead of bathes. 

Aquaco Rainwater Basic at Home

The Aquaco Home Rainwater Basic is from the residential rainwater recycling range. It comes in two variants; Indirect and Direct. The Home Rainwater Basic collects water from your roof, then filters and stores the water for reuse in WC flushing, irrigation, and washing machines.

  • Indirect; underground tank. stored water is treated and pumped to a header tank for gravity feeding the appliances. The mains water backup is in the header tank.
  •  Direct; underground tank. The mains water backup enters the underground tank. Water is pumped directly to the point of use. A control board is installed in a frost-protected area.
grey water system
Residential Grey Water Recycling

Installation + Maintenance

Our Residential rainwater recycling system the ‘home basic’ has been designed to be simple to maintain and install. The installation can be completed by an experienced DIY enthusiast or local plumber. The system can be installed in most retrofit situations

Full installation instructions and on-demand advice is available from Aquaco throughout the installation process.

The maintenance schedule is simple too. On the Direct system (and InDirect systems with our irrigation pack), every 12 months the filter cartridge on the control board will need replacing. Service items are available from Aquaco at a minimal cost. Every few years the underground tank will require cleaning and rinsing, this can be done simply with a hose.

Domestic Rainwater Recycling Aquaco Schematic

Let us select your perfect system

Our domestic sizing calculator will work out the best solution for you, based on your occupancy, available water, and usage. All calculations are done using BS8525:2001 Part 1 the sized system will be British Standard compliant.

The calculator will take you directly to our shop on the selected product, where you can download all the documents for our products.