Grey Water Recycling

Aquaco specialise in Grey Water Recycling systems across all industries and applications. We have systems installed across the globe, and work closely with both consultants and contractors to deliver the best water recycling solutions for the end client.

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Commercial, Multi-Residential, and Institutional Grey Water Systems

Membrane Bioreactor Grey Water Systems

Membrane Bioreactor systems, produce the highest quality water available in grey water recycling. They use a combination of aerobic digestion and mechanical membrane filtration to treat incoming grey water to an incredibly high standard, in many cases exceeding the EU bathing standards.

Aquaco’s MBR system is unique to the market, it is designed, developed and manufactured by Aquaco in the UK. It has been fine tuned to provide the most effective treatment in a simple to maintain and incredibly cost effective, modular package.

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Multi-Media Grey Water Systems

The Aquaco Multi-Media Grey Water System is an incredibly high flow, fully packaged, and small footprint, grey water recycling solution. It is an incredibly energy efficient filtration system for larger projects.

It is primarily targeted at the Middle Eastern market, where the traditional treatment method is sand filtration, and where there is requirement for treating the water rapidly due to the higher ambient temperatures. Our Multi-Media system offers some massive benefits over sand filtration. Aquaco have many systems installed throughout this part of the world, including, Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait.

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What is Grey Water?

What is grey water is a question we’re asked frequently. Aquaco’s Greywater System collects bath and shower water which is then filtered, disinfected and recycled for the use of toilet flushing.

The quantity of water used for hand basins, showers and baths is similar to that used for toilet flushing. In most buildings water consumption will be reduced by 50%. Supply roughly equates to demand as each person is generating their own water.

What are the benefits of a grey water recycling system?

  • Less mains water consumption
  • Significantly reduced water costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Cost effective Breeam points
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme available
  • Typical payback 3/5 years
  • Cost effective compared to rainwater harvesting
  • Daily supply per person roughly equates to demand – no reliance on rainfall
  • Storage capacity needed will be less than with a rainfall system saving space and cost

As the rules on BREEAM points and tax allowances change, Aquaco cannot advise and it is for the customer to verify the present rules as they affect the project concerned.