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Commercial Maintenance and Servicing

Find out about our full-asset maintenance and service contracts for new or existing systems.

Whether your system is newly up-and-running, or if it’s been recycling water for years, our engineers can provide you with a comprehensive service to ensure everything is running as it should be.

Types of maintenance:

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) –Generally 1 or 2 PPM visits are carried out per year. These visits are scheduled, and afterwards you will receive a service report detailing the condition of the system and any works the engineer carried out.

          Reactive maintenance – These are requested by the client following any concerns or issues with the system.

Rectification works – Following a PPM visit, there may be things that need replacing so rectification works are the visit following the PPM when these replacements are made. Some rectification works can be carried out at the time of the PPM, but generally parts will need to be ordered in, so rectification works are carried out on a different day.

Commissioning – These visits involve turning the system on or ‘commissioning’ a system. In a lot of cases, systems will be installed but not commissioned, due to the building not being completed. These visits can be carried out months or even years after installation.

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