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Aquaco Home Rainwater Basic - Direct


£1,995.00£3,995.00 ex VAT


Rainwater Harvesting involves collecting, filtering, and storing rainwater from roofs for toilet flushing, laundry, and irrigation.

By installing an Aquaco Rain Harvesting system for your home, all recycled water collected can be used in toilets, laundry and irrigation, reducing the environmental impact of your home.

You could save 50% on water usage, which would significantly reduce your water costs.

The Aquaco Home Rainwater Basic Direct system comes in a range of sizes, the best way to determine which system will meet your requirements best please click on the system sizing calculator on the right. We determine the system size based on the British Standard recommendation.

The direct system supplies water at pressure to the source you require for example external garden tap or washing machine

System Description:

The Aquaco Home Rainwater harvesting system consists of two main components:

1) Underground Slim Mount Tank with Leaf Filter – Rainwater enters the storage tank via the leaf filter (capable of serving roof areas up to 213m2). The size of this tank is normally calculated based on the roof area of the house and water usage.

2) Submersible pressure pump with floating extraction – The pump has built-in integrated electronics designed to automatically start and stop the pump operation. The system has a mains water top-up function so if the tank is empty it automatically tops it up with mains water