rain water harvestingRainwater harvesting involves the collection of water from roofs and hard standings and storing this water for later use.

The recycled rainwater can be reused for toilet flushing, laundry and irrigation.

What are the benefits of rainwater harvesting?

  • Reduced mains water consumption and costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Cost-effective BREEAM points
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme available
  • Typical payback 3/5 years
  • Continuity of water supply for irrigation
  • Reduced storm water to drain/flooding

As the rules on Breeam points and tax allowances change, Aquaco cannot advise and it is for the customer to verify the present rules as they affect the project concerned.

Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater Harvesting Systems are designed, supplied and, if required, installed by Aquaco.

Aquaco offers the lowest cost Rain water Harvesting Systems available. They can be gravity fed or pressurised to directly serve the fittings required.

An Aquaco Rain water Harvesting System will gain essential Code for Sustainable Homes points towards planning permission.

The Aquaco Rain water Harvesting System is a high value, low cost system rarely beaten on price.

The system can reduce water usage by up to 80% leading to a direct cost saving on water bills. On average the system pays for itself over a 3-5 year period through cost savings on water usage.

The Aquaco Rain water Harvesting System also cuts down on carbon emissions by saving the power used in fresh water processing, therefore benefiting the environment.

The size of the Rain water Harvesting System will depend on where your home is located, the roof area, number of occupants and the uses of the recycled rainwater. Aquaco will size your system and supply all your requirements.

Direct Rain water Harvesting – Supply goes straight to appliances from collection tank.

Advantages vs Indirect:

No space required in loft for header tank.
Pre-packaged unit easy to install.This pre-assembled unit comprises of:

  • Rainwater collection tank
  • Integral leaf filter
  • Submersible pump set
  • Control panel
  • Mains water top-up
  • Float switch

Indirect Rainwater Harvesting – Supply goes to appliances via a header tank.

Advantages vs Direct:

Water is gravity fed to appliances saving on energy due to reduced pump starts.
Buffer in the header tank in case of power cuts. A typical installation of an Aquaco Rainwater Harvesting System involves:

  • Excavate and install an underground tank
  • Connect rainwater riser from collection tank directly to the appliances or via a header tank
  • Connect mains water top-up
  • Install optional UV disinfection unit
  • Connect electricity supply

Rainwater Harvesting System Components

The Aquawiser RW range is used for all residential installations.

This pre-assembled unit comprises of:

  • Rainwater collection tank
  • Integral leaf filter
  • Submersible pump filter
  • ControlPanel
  • Mains water top-up
  • Header tank
  • Float switch
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