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What is the Water Use in My Home?

The water demand for any building is always based on a number of factors

‘Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water’ – W.H.Auden

Type of Building and its function

The type of building and its function can dramatically alter the water use, for example a gym or sports complex may house many showers, toilet facilities, washbasins etc and could have a huge demand. But something like an industrial unit with low amounts of staff may have a very low demand only coming from some staff toilets and a kitchen facility. Domestic dwellings again are generally calculated on the combination of the number of toilets and number of people living in the house.

Number of occupants

As mentioned above the number of occupants has a huge part to play in the water demand of the building. There is a daily average calculation to use based on the number of showers, toilet flushes and pysical consumption. So a rule of thumb is obviously the more people, the more consumption

Requirements of Fire protection systems

This is mainly for commerical and industrial premises which have sprinkler systems, where potable water is stored in volume but must be periodically ‘turned over’ to prevent stagnation and bacteriological build up. This process uses vast amounts of water

Landscape and water features

Did you know that using a hosepipe in your garden for 10 minutes uses upto 170 litres of water! If you have green fingers and a garden which needs a lot of maitnenance and care your water use is going to go up dramatically!

Household Water Use Split

WC Suite 

Washing Machine 

Kitchen Sink 




Outside Supply 










What Part Does Weather Play?

Overall consumption increases around 10% during warmer months, ourdoor use itself increases over 25%, A lot of this data has contributed towards a move to hose pipe bans

An increase of heat means an increase in showers, water from consumption and also irrigation and use for the gardening

General Guidance for Volume Consumption for Water Usage

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